Why Massage?
Massage is an ancient practice of healing that has been used the world over for hundreds of years and is the oldest form of healthcare.

What types of therapy are offered?
  • Clinical Massage
  • Swedish
  • Deep tissue
  • Trigger point
  • Sports Massage
  • Myofascial release
  • Range of Motion

    How long are sessions?
    60 to 90 minutes

    Does massage therapy require licensing?
    Yes, and Steven is a licensed massage practitioner (Lic. #MA60127763) and is insured. He specializes in therapeutic services.

    What are the hours of Massage By Design?
    There are no official hours, clients can make an appointment that suits their schedule, simply call 206 706 3987 and agree on a time.

    Are there any benefits to regular massages?
    Yes, freedom of movement and increased energy levels. Massage can also keep chronic muscle and tendon pain out of your life for days, weeks or longer.

    What is repetitive stress and how can massage address this issue?
    Repetitive stress from a personís job, family responsibilities, or health issues can be as demanding as a workout and sometimes harder on your health both physical and mental. Repetitive stress causes repetitive pain which can be relieved by massage.

    What makes Massage by design different from others?
    Steven designs a massage therapy session for your specific activity, job, or workout. He is as committed to massage as you are to your activity. Stress reduction is a sure way to allow you to focus on your desired activities.

    Will I have more energy?
    Absolutely, massage has been proven to increase the longevity of your active life.