When I'm not hunched over a laptop at the desk, i'm cramped into the seat on a plane. Having lived this existence for years, I never considered the terrible toll it takes on the body. I was in Seattle for a few days when it seemed to catch up to me. While complaining of neck and shoulder aches to a colleague there, he suggested that Steven in Ballard might help. Only a 15 minute hop from downtown Admittedly I was skeptical of massage to start and hadn't thought about it as any sort of healing method. Well, it was. I simply told Steven about my lifestyle and he knew exactly what to do where. He explained the connection of the various muscles as he worked. Most relaxing and I drifted off for a few moments. After an hour I felt great. Upon leaving he also offered up some simple exercises I could do to keep muscles from knotting so much. I'm looking forward to my next trip to Seattle. Steven and MBD are already on the itinerary.
Eric Barnes, Philadelphia

Just after Christmas I came out from Philadelphia to visit some friends in Ballard. All the stress of the travel and the holidays just caught up with me. They recommended Massage by Design, and introduced me to Steven. WOW! What a difference! He listened to everything I said, and even gave me some tips on ways I could deal with the stress of a 6 hour flight in those horrible airplane seats! The stress had built up until I was actually in pain, and he was able to relieve it! He saved the rest of my vacation! I can't say enough about him! I'm definitely going back the next time I'm in town! You locals are a lucky bunch! I wish I had Steven in my neighborhood!
Melissa P., Chalfont